A day like any other, Rubius and Auron started streamings. But it was not a normal day. Rubius is on Auron’s channel and vice versa, what’s going on?

The two streamers exchanged their channels for a very special live stream for the premiere of the new Marvel universe movie, Spider-Man: “No way Home”. So, when their streams began, the audience was surprised to see the change of creator. After that, both Rubius and Auron pretended to be one another, using their expressions and way of speaking.

At the end, Dr Strange interceded in the live streams speaking with both streamers at the same time. He explained to them that it was a “multiverse bug”, a reference to the film’s plot. Sony at the same time released a statement on their social media about the problem.

Rubius y Auron swipe
Mensaje durante los directos del Doctor Strange para hacer el cambio de directos


The action immediately caught the attention of the entire audience, those who were present at the streaming and those wondering what was happening on social media.

Each stream reached more than 1 million views and the two had more than 100,000 as concurrent viewers in both streaming. In addition, Rubius made a special VOD with the best moments on YouTube that reached 4 million views.