“La lista de…”


“La lista de…” is a new format in collaboration with Sensacine where talents recommend the original Netflix movies that they liked the most or are looking forward to see and have already added to their list.

With 10 creators in total, the creators choose a top 5 and top 3 Netflix original movies and through a video piece they share the titles and a short review about them.

We have been able to discover some of the favorite movies from creators such as Vegetta777, Willyrex, Paula Gonu, Marta Díaz or Dario Eme Hache. What movies will be the next recommendations?

La lista de Paula Gonu
La lista de Vegetta777


The content is published on Sensacine’s social media. The creators share it through stories, tweets or video mentions on their Twitch channels. In total, the guys have reached 1.5 million impressions.

A quality content that has generated great engagement in the audiences of the creators, thrilled to be able to learn about the cinema tastes of their idols.