With the release of Hawkeye in Spain, thanks to Disney+, The Challenge: Hawkeye was launched, challenging our creators and their audiences to demonstrate their aim and to see if they could become worthy pupils of Hawkeye.

Dario Eme Hache, Rebeca Stones and Marina Rivers were the aspiring pupils, showing the world their aiming skills through TikTok, and encouraging their followers to upload their own videos. After this warm-up, along with IlloJuan and Masi, they participated on Twitch in the final challenge.

Portada comienzo de directo Ojo de Halcón en el canal de IlloJuan
Fotografía de Dario Eme Hache lanzando discos en una prueba de Ojo de Halcón


The challenge was greatly received by the audience, with the stream becoming one of the most watched during the broadcast time.

The action on TikTok reached approximately 1 million views and the event on Twitch had more than 500,000 views. In total, all the activations on social media (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch) achieved around 3 million impacts.