Karmaland V came back to the internet as one of the most sucessful Minecraft content series in recent years. Joining the return of this legendary series, McDonald’s wanted to create a very special dynamic in the game.

Vegetta777, Willyrex and Maximus carried out an special McDonald’s promocional action integrated into the serie, creating a fantasy story where their objective was to restore a McDonald’s establishment and recover the recipe for their hamburgers.

Los personajes de Vegetta, Willyrex y SapoPeta frente a McDonald's en Karmaland
El restaurante de McDonald's dentro de Karmaland


The complete action managed to almost triple the expected reach, resulting in 13.7 million impacts among all the activations. The views on the streams and videos on YouTube and Twitch accumulated 9.4 million views, while the post on social media obtained 4.3 million impressions.

A huge success with repercussion in the national press and with great reception by the audience.