DjMariio, along with the dancer and tiktoker Lidia Rauet and the singer Miki Núñez, became the ambassador and face of the Yatekomo’s 2021 campaign: Generación Ya.

In an amusing spot, Yatekomo tested the patience levels of the so-called “Generation Ya”. The conclusion was that it was 3 minutes, the same time it takes to make a Yatekomo.

In addition to recording the group spot and two other individual spots, DjMariio published content about the brand on his social media and live eating Yatekomo several times. The brand also held special prize draws with the creator.

Yatekomo Generación Ya DjMariio con Miki Nuñez y Lidia Rauet
Yatekomo Generación Ya


DjMariio became a huge Yatekomo supporter, committing himself to the brand and falling in love with the product.

IIn all his brand activation videos, eating the product or showing it, he reached more than 3 million views and on his social media, Instagram and Twitter, he also had more than 3 million impressions.