Domino’s Effect is the project developed by VIZZ and Arena for Domino’s in order to support the gaming comunity and give a boost to smaller streamers with great potential and have the necessary exposure to make themselves known.

The project was led by IlloJuan, who, accompanied by his friend ElBokeron, conducted a scouting on Twitch in four streams, reviewing streamers channels with smaller audiences.

After the scouting, IlloJuan invited four of this creators to a Twitch event where they shared game and stream with other big content creators such as Cristinini and Alexby.

Domino's Originals
Cristinini presentando Domino's Originals


The action accumulated more than 5.5 million views, summing up the 4 scounting streams and the final streaming with IlloJuan, Cristinini and Alexby. In the publications of social media, more than 1 million impressions were obtained between IlloJuan and ElBokeron.

The action was a huge success for its innovative idea as well as for offering a visibility space for new streamers on Twitch. The campaign was awarded with the second place at the INSPIRATIONAL IAB 2022 awards in the “Branded Content Strategy” category.