MadKat is the streetwear& teachwear brand by Rubius, the largest youtuber in Spain and one of the best-known creators in the Hispanic community.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and accessories: a total of 26 different products with urban aesthetics and a strong personality in line with Rubius’ style.

MadKat carried out special collaborations to create exclusive items such as the Batman x MadKat or Rick and Morty x MadKat collection.

Mad Kat Store
Dos modelos con ropa MadKat


MadKat has developed more than 40 SKUs in 2021, with permanent and limited edition items.

The brand sells to more than 40 countries on several continents each day.

In 2021, 2 million unique users were reached with an average buyer ticket of €40.