40 clump-free coats, could the new M·A·C Stack Mascara overcome this challenge?

Marta Díaz, Paula Gonu and Rebeca Stones tested the mascara on their TikTok profiles by coating their own lashes with 40 layers of the product. And without any doubt, M·A·C Stack passed the test.

That is how the M·A·C Stack Mascara became the new TikTok viral phenomenon.

Fotografía de varias Mac Stack Mascara
Fotogramas de Paula Gonu, Marta Díaz y Rebeca Stones probando la Mac Stack Mascara


The content on TikTok had a great reach thanks to the promotion with TikTok Spark Ads.

Rebeca Stones obtained more than 990 thousand views with 26 thousand interactions, Marta Díaz more than 1.7 million views with 76 thousand interactions and Paula Gonu more than 2.7 million views with 34 thousand interactions.

In total, the three creators had more than 5 million views with a great reception from the audience due to the spectacular nature of the product.