El Torneo de los 5 Campeones


On the occasion of the launch of the mechanics of the champions in Clash Royale, a charity tournament with a €20,000 prize for charity was organized among some of the biggest Spanish-speaking streamers: El Torneo de los 5 Campeones.

4 streamers faced each other: Cristinini, Rubius, IlloJuan and Xokas. All of them were trained by one of the best Clash Royale players, Beniju.

After Beniju’s individual training with each of the participants, the 5 met for the final tournament where Cristinini emerged as the undisputed winner of the tournament.

Portada Torneo de los 5 Campeones
Participantes del Torneo de los 5 Campeones


The tournament was a success both qualitatively and quantitatively. The participants had a great time, generating tons of funny moments, which made the content very positively received by the audience.

There were over 31 million impressions, 6 million views between all training streams and the final tournament, an average of 79,000 concurrent viewers during the tournament, and 379,000 hours of game content viewed.