For the launch of PS5, PlayStation wanted to do an unprecedented action, which would not only be extraordinary because of its results, but also for the quality of its production, taking the audience inside the most innovative console.

Thus, Acceso Ilimitado was launched. A 17-minute spot with a great cast. Rubius was the protagonist, who went into the depths of the new PS5 to see its characteristics and qualities.

Portada Acceso Ilimitado PS5
Fotograma de Rubius con Ibai en el anuncio


The most advanced cinematographic production techniques were used and the spot had an all-star cast, with some of the most important gaming creators such as Ibai, Willyrex, Mangel, DJMariio… And plenty of all-star guests: David Broncano, Josep Pedrerol, Koke, Michelle Jenner, Joaquín Reyes, Marc Gasol, Carolina Marín…

The piece on YouTube accumulated more than 5 million views, more than 179 million impressions and more than 600,000 interactions.