The Gaming Family was created on 26 January with the help of La Gran Familia Mediterránea and three of the leading content creators in our country: Rubius, Willyrex and Vegetta.

Each creator with their own menu. Food designed by gamers, made for gamers: with a design and identity in line with the style of each creator.

More menus will continue to be added in the future to The Gaming Family. The most recent new member is DjMariio, who launched “DjMariio Arena”, IlloJuan with “Malaga Vice” and Xokas with “World of Xokas”.

The menus are available at Just Eat and Glovo.

Dani García con Rubius, Vegetta y Willyrex
Menús The Gaming Family


A great repercussion with very positive reception among the audience was achieved on the  launch days, with the products selling out in record time.

A whole host of creators tested and promoted the menus on their social media, reaching more than 6 million impacts and more than 244,500 interactions with the posts.

The repercussion on social media and the press was huge. Many other creators joined organically, trying the menus live and on their social media, sharing their impressions of the food with their fans.