Rubius X is the Prime Video documentary dedicated to a content creation legend: Rubius. The documentary explores his achievements as a content creator turned celebrity and the most personal facet behind one of the largest content creators in our country and the world.

It was produced by Noob, with months of hard work recording and editing, with numerous interviews with people close to Rubius and the visit to a lot of very special places in his life.

It premiered on July 22 with a very special premiere broadcast on his Twitch channel. There Rubius along with his friends and other content creators were able to enjoy the documentary exclusively and some fans were able to come to the event to say hello and show their support to the streamer.

Rubius y Auron swipe
Mensaje durante los directos del Doctor Strange para hacer el cambio de directos


The success of the documentary lays in the production quality and for showing Rubius’s career in the most authentic way possible, arousing nostalgia in his audience and provoking a wave of powerful emotions.

The documentary in its first week situated in the top 10 most viewed content on Amazon Prime in several countries. The streaming premiere brought together more than 120,000 people on Twitch.