For the premiere of the third Bad Boys For Life film, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence sneaked into a very special Rubius video where, together with Mangel, he showed off his supposed new car, which came directly from Los Angeles.

The video begins with our protagonists, Rubius and Mangel, seeing the new car and getting into it. Will Smith suddenly appears, in his role as the rebel policeman with Martin Lawrence, kicking them out of the car.

After some comedy scenes, they show the trailer of the film and talk about the prize draw that was available in the trailer on Sony Spain’s official YouTube channel.

Fotografía de Rubius y Mangel con Will Smith y Martin Lawrence
Fotograma de Rubius hablando con Mangel


MI NUEVO COCHE ft Will Smith” currently has 18 million views, achieving more than 6 million in 24 hours. It reached the top position on YouTube trends for more than 1 day and remained in the top 5 the following days. In social media posts of Rubius and Mangel more than 9 million impressions were obtained.

The movie trailer after the action got more than 800 thousand views and around 200 thousand people participated in the prize draw.