From day one of its launch, we raised awareness of Genshin Impact (the revelation MMO of 2020) (the revelation MMO of 2020) among the entire Spanish-speaking gaming community, discovering all the latest news from top creators such as Rubius, Willyrex, Vegetta and Maximus.

Of particular note was the most recent and very disruptive action on Rubius’s Twitch channel, where he used his famous live cooking series to share live streams preparing some of the game’s most famous dishes in real life: “Cocinando Genshin” (Cooking Genshin).

Personajes de Genshin Impact
Portada de Cocinando Genshin


Genshin Impact became one of the most viewed MMOs on Twitch and YouTube.

On video platforms, the Genshin Impact launch reached over 5 million views on Twitch, 8.1 million views on YouTube and 17.5 million impressions on Twitter and Instagram.

The “Cooking Genshin” program reached 4.8 million views.