La Velada del Año was the boxing event organized by Ibai Llanos and Reven that made history on 26 May 2021 and became the most watched sporting event on Twitch to date.

The popular content creator showed his charisma and connection with the audience in a unique event, with different streamers going up against each other in the ring.

It started with Torete’s victory over Future in two rounds. After, Mister Jagger and Viruzz entered the ring, with Mister Jagger declared the winner. Finally, Reven overcame his opponent, ElMillor.


The event, a joint project organized by Ibai with VIZZ and NOOB, was a huge success. The event’s viewers peaked at 1,544,829 concurrent viewers with an average of 1,074,653 viewers over three hours, 20,374,454 live views on Twitch, and 3,774,575 unique viewers.

A true milestone for the platform, showing the success and huge possibilities offered by streaming entertainment formats and the great engagement they can generate in the audiences.