On 10 May, the first gaming chair race, the #PcPrix, was held at the Carlos Sainz Karting La Ermita circuit in Madrid. Organized by PC Components, the DjMariio and Cristinini teams, the two host streamers of the event, went up against each other.

With four different tests, the dynamics of the competition was based on running on the circuit with the Forgeon gaming chairs: obstacles, time trial, relay race, etc.

A competition with valuable prizes including Forgeon gaming chairs and PC Componentes computer equipment. More than 40 participants from all over Spain, and followers of DjMariio and Cristinini, took part.

Fotografía de DjMariio y Cristinini en el photocall
Fotografía de las sillas con cajas de PcComponentes


The #PcPrix was a complete success, a healthy competition between both teams.

The event has reinforced PC Componentes’ commitment towards its customers and all users passionate about technology.

The entire competition was summarized in a video with the best moments on the PC Componentes channel, which has accumulated more than 600 thousand views.