On 31 December, one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year was held, Las Campanadas con Ibai, with a high quality production at Puerta del Sol in Madrid and with a very special guest, Ramón García.

Ibai Llanos, as the host, and his friends offered us a magical night where we enjoyed New Year’s Eve, breaking the record of the Las Campanadas con Ibai 2020 and becoming the second most watched Ibai stream to date.

Todos en la mesa en Las Campanadas
Agradecimientos Vizz y Noob


Las Campanadas con Ibai 2021 was the third most watched New Year’s Eve program compared to the rest of Spanish television channels with 2.2 million unique viewers.

During the live stream viewing figures peaked with 801,074 at 00:00 and the rest of the streaming had an average of more than 335,000 viewers. 5.8 million views were reached on Twitch VOD and 1.4 million on YouTube.