españa vs francia


After two editions of El Partidazo de Youtubers by DjMariio, El Partidazo de Youtubers 3 was organized, this time vs an international team of content creators from France, led by Amine.

The match took place at the Jean Bouin stadium in Paris, joining sports, gaming and music, and with a spectacular production that allowed the broadcast the event on the channels of both captains: DjMariio and Amine.

After a tense game, the French team endend winning 2-0. This 2023 the Spanish team is already preparing for a rematch match on a Spanish stadium.

El Partidazo de Youtubers 3
Equipo español en el partidazo de youtubers


DJMariio broke his own record again with El Partidazo, with a peak of simultaneous viewers of 625,000 people and the VOD has so far more than 6 million views.

On Amine’s Twitch channel there were almost 12 million views, which added to those of DJMariio’s channel, gives a total of more than 18 million total views just after 48 hours of the event.